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Case XX 5 FINN SS 5" Blade Stag Handle Hunting Knife With Sheath Mfg.1985 Buy It Now $129.99 $10  0d 16h 58m 37s
Case XX USA 5 FINN SSP Stag Fixed Blade Hunting Knife & Sheath 0 $99.99 $9.25  1d 8h 50m 30s
CASE XX BLUE SCROLL SET 523-5, 516-5, 5 FINN, M5F STAG HANDLES KNIVES 0 $649.0 $10  1d 9h 22m 17s
VINTAGE CASE XX USA 1965-1969 STAG FIXED BLADE HUNTING KNIFE 5 FINN 8 7/8" Buy It Now $159.99 $5  2d 1h 32m 30s
Vintage Case XX USA Twin Finn 516-5 & M5F Stag Set Piggy Back Sheath 1940-65 1 $268.0 $15  6d 10h 51m 39s
CASE XX FINN #5 SSP M5F STAG HUNTER KNIVES Buy It Now $200.0 $10  9d 1h 24m 10s
VINTAGE CASE XX 1940-1964 STAG FIXED BLADE HUNTING KNIFE 5 Finn LOOKS NEW! Buy It Now $199.95 $6.93  10d 10h 56m 38s
Case XX USA1879 Bradford Centennial 1979 Stag with sheath (model - 5 FINN SSP) Buy It Now $139.95 $2.95  13d 4h 2m 13s
Vintage Case XX USA Twin Finn 516-5 & M5F Stag Set Piggy Back Sheath Buy It Now $360.0 $0  18d 7h 23m 55s
CASE XX USA--"RED ETCH" 1978 STAG 5 FINN SSP--NICE AND MINT--SUPER STAG Buy It Now $159.95 $0  18d 9h 18m 22s

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Case Cutlery 00372 TWIN FINN Hunter Two Knife Set with with Stainless Steel Fixed Blades and Leather Handles Leather:The 00372 Case Twin Finn Set offers not one but two of Case's finest hunting patterns. The M3Finn offers a 3-Inch Saber Ground blade perfect for trout, rabbit, or other small game while the 316-5 offers a 5-Inch blade ideal for all hunted game. Both are made of Case's Tru-SharpTM surgical steel with a genuine leather handle and aluminum knob. The knives sit neatly in a genuine leather belt sheath. Handmade, honed, and durable, the Twin Finn Set is a necessity for any hunter. Specifications Patte