Title Bid Price Shipping Time Left
Japanese Samurai Sword KATANA 1060High Carbon Steel Full Tang Blade Can Cut Tree 4581 $95.23 $0  10d 18h 49m 24s
27" Ninja Sword Machete Throwing Knife Full Tang Tactical Blade Black Katana 4670 $20.54 $0  19d 12h 54m 18s
TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Pocket Knives KARAMBIT CLAW BLACK Blade Tactical Knife 12449 $4.99 $3.99  26d 13h 19m 27s
TAC-FORCE Easy Open SAWBACK Rescue Folding Pocket Knife Survival Hunting EDC 8190 $7.95 $0  12d 13h 56m
8" TAC FORCE RAINBOW SPRING ASSISTED TACTICAL FOLDING KNIFE Blade Open Pocket 8028 $9.95 $0  8d 16h 6m 20s
12 Pc 6" Ninja Tactical Combat Naruto Kunai Throwing Knife Set w/ Sheath Hunting 4499 $11.95 $6.95  25d 10h 45m 41s
12" TACTICAL BOWIE SURVIVAL HUNTING KNIFE w/ SHEATH MILITARY Combat Fixed Blade 3099 $9.95 $5.95  26d 16h 29m 2s
6PC Ninja Naruto Tactical Combat Hunting Kunai Throwing Knife Set w/ Sheath Case 2178 $12.95 $1.99  10d 20h 17m 3s
TAC-FORCE Black SHERIFF Spring Assisted Open LED Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife 2975 $11.99 $0  23d 7h 48m 24s
TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Opening BLACK TACTICAL Pocket Knife Folding Blade NEW! 6764 $7.95 $0  9d 17h 32m 25s
2 PC Large Full Tang 28" Ninja Twin Tanto Blade Sword Machete w/Nylon Sheath 2013 $22.32 $2.95  4d 20h 52m 5s
Japanese Samurai Sword KATANA High Carbon Steel Ninja Blade BLACK Dragon Tang 1273 $19.94 See description  5d 21h 20m 10s
TAC-FORCE Spring Assisted Open BLACK CROSS Folding Blade STILETTO Pocket Knife!! 2559 $8.95 $0  11d 19h 1m 30s
9" TAC FORCE Italian Milano Stiletto Tactical Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife 3244 $6.99 $2.99  10d 17h 6m 42s
ZOMBIE HUNTER GREEN Katana NINJA SAMURAI Sword BIOHAZARD TSUBA Carbon Steel NEW 731 $34.95 $0  22d 21h 11m 46s
BRAND NEW 6PC Throwing Knife Set with Leg Sheath Black 2038 $11.86 $4.95  13d 15h 9m 55s
27" NINJA SAMURAI Twin Blade CONCEALED SWORDS Katana Japanese Combat COSPLAY 1163 $24.95 $0  9d 12h 57m 32s
Tac Force Spring Assisted Rainbow Blade Tactical Rescue Pocket Hunting Knife 2332 $10.25 $0  10d 20h 28m 36s
28" NINJA SAMURAI Full Tang SWORD KATANA Machete w/ Throwing Knives Set Kunai 703 $17.95 See description  29d 15h 56m 43s

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