Title Bid Price Shipping Time Left
Japanese Samurai Sword KATANA 1060High Carbon Steel Full Tang Blade Can Cut Tree 4219 $94.16 $0  11d 18h 8m 37s
27" Ninja Sword Machete Throwing Knife Full Tang Tactical Blade Black Katana 4127 $18.12 $0  20d 12h 13m 31s
TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Pocket Knives KARAMBIT CLAW BLACK Blade Tactical Knife 11271 $8.95 $0  27d 12h 38m 40s
Tac-Force Spring Assisted Glass Breaker Open Folding Black Rescue Pocket Knife 11014 $9.99 $0  7d 12h 37m 53s
8" TAC FORCE RAINBOW SPRING ASSISTED TACTICAL FOLDING KNIFE Blade Open Pocket 7536 $9.95 $0  9d 15h 25m 33s
Tac-Force Black TANTO BLADE Spring Assisted Tactical Folding Pocket Knife New!!! 6072 $9.99 $0  13d 13h 32m 21s
12 Pc 6" Ninja Tactical Combat Naruto Kunai Throwing Knife Set w/ Sheath Hunting 3879 $13.95 $3.95  26d 10h 4m 54s
TAC FORCE Black Spring Assisted Open SAWBACK BOWIE Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife 5480 $5.95 $3.95  13d 13h 15m 13s
6PC Ninja Naruto Tactical Combat Hunting Kunai Throwing Knife Set w/ Sheath Case 1761 $12.95 $1.99  11d 19h 36m 16s
12" TACTICAL BOWIE SURVIVAL HUNTING KNIFE w/ SHEATH MILITARY Combat Fixed Blade 2535 $9.85 $5.99  27d 15h 48m 15s
TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Opening BLACK TACTICAL Pocket Knife Folding Blade NEW! 6071 $7.95 $0  10d 16h 51m 38s
2 PC Large Full Tang 28" Ninja Twin Tanto Blade Sword Machete w/Nylon Sheath 1998 $19.7 $2.95  5d 20h 11m 18s
Japanese Samurai Sword KATANA High Carbon Steel Ninja Blade BLACK Dragon Tang 1134 $29.95 $0  6d 20h 39m 23s
ZOMBIE HUNTER GREEN Katana NINJA SAMURAI Sword BIOHAZARD TSUBA Carbon Steel NEW 631 $34.95 $0  23d 20h 30m 59s
27" NINJA SAMURAI Twin Blade CONCEALED SWORDS Katana Japanese Combat COSPLAY 947 $24.95 $0  10d 12h 16m 45s
28" NINJA SAMURAI Full Tang SWORD KATANA Machete w/ Throwing Knives Set Kunai 555 $17.95 See description  15h 15m 56s
9" TAC FORCE Italian Milano Stiletto Tactical Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife 2150 $8.99 $2.99  11d 16h 25m 55s
NEW 27" Full Tang Tanto Blade Ninja Sword Machete Throwing Knife Tactical Katana 947 $18.91 $0  26d 11h 42m 7s
Tac Force Spring Assisted Karambit Tactical Black Open Folding Pocket Knife New 2304 $11.99 $0  15d 15h 3m 20s

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The Price Of Loving A Hustla:Eighteen years old and pregnant, Maliah has never had an easy route in life. However, when her dad dies she is left with money as a beneficiary on his life insurance policy. She has a glitter of hope when her boyfriend Eriq of 2 years suggests that she front him the money to hustle with. Against her better judgement, Maliah takes to his idea. After giving him the money the unexpected happens and Eriq goes missing. Leaving her with a broken heart, and empty pockets Maliah struggles to survive. Wh